We're truly honored to share with you the feedback from our clients who became our partners and friends.



Ash War 

Social Media Manager

We hired We Do Creative Films knowing they would be good but we really didn't know they would be THIS GOOD. Their professionalism and attitude from start to finish along with their communication and end product were faultless. We were shocked with how fast they turned everything around and they created for us some of the best content we have ever had. We cant wait to work with they again...



Head of Marketing

When we first decided to work with them and we'd seen a couple of examples of their videos so we knew the work would be really good but seeing the finished project was just amazing. They really worked hard to make sure that they showed the very best of the work that we do but also what's special and different about us and that was really thoughtful of them. The work ethic when they...


Saskia Campbell

Sales and Marketing Manager

I’ve been lucky enough to work with the guys from We Do Creative Films on and off for about two years now. They always interpret my weird corporate ramblings and turn it into something really creative and stunningly beautiful in what seems like no time at all

they're super super reliable whether or

not I’m stuck in London I need someone

to go off and film in Croatia...


Jan Barek


We've been working closely with We Do Creative Films since 2015 and they've made always a really good job. They are professionals they always have cool ideas, the new ways how

to capture the scene and we could explain our story to thousands of new people and since the cooperation and since the new content, we have significantly increased of the new bookings and for sure we will cooperate...


Hilda SO

Project Manager

We've worked with We Do Creative Films for several projects and when we first worked with them we could feel how organized and professional they are. They are always very helpful and welcome for any comments and requirements. The communication was very good and also their advice and idea was very helpful and fantastic. We got our first video
done in a very short time...


Jannine & Harold


We were searching for someone really professional but also someone who can tell our story attentively and naturally so we found

We Do Creative Films. We would never be
on the level we are now and that's why we recommend this company because they are really professional... 

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