Our Process

Everyone has seen a behind the scenes or making of documentary, but the video production process is actually a lot more complex than it looks.

There's a reason making movies costs millions of dollars and require huge teams of specialists.  


Video production is complicated, but understanding it will go a long way towards a successful production.  

That's why we've devoted an entire segment of our website to helping potential partners understand the video production process.


Videos are our passion and we only produce work that we are proud to share - so our sole purpose is to create pure perfection for our clients - every single time. How do we do this?


The discovery stage is the key element to creating a masterpiece video. We need to learn the ins and outs of your brand so that we can create a video that reflects your business perfectly. This video production process is a real journey - one where we get to know each other on a personal basis, moving through each stage together, to ensure every step made is one closer to creating a work of art that reflects your business in the best possible light - quite literally.


After having our initial consultation call or meeting with you, where you will have explained your vision to us, we take it on ourselves to study every aspect of your business before our initial video pitch. The more in detail we know your company, the more capable we are at choosing the most exceptional aspects of your business, highlighting these with undertones of your company’s ethos, values and motivation throughout the overall project.


What You Can Expect From Us


  1. One-to-one video call or meeting
  2. Lots of questions directed at you and your business, your goals, your audience, your motivation
  3. Researching your company and competitors
  4. Marketing and target audience analysis to ensure we get the tone right for the video
  5. A marketing strategy to include deliverables based on your budget and timeframe


What We Need From You


  1. What you want from the video, where you want to publish it and how you will consider its success
  2. What your expectations are for the video, what aspects you would like to have shared in the video
  3. As much information as possible about your business, target audience and competitors is a great starting point for us to get ahead
  4. Your database of brand assets, imagery and logos so that we can understand your vibe

Video production process



  • Sharing your vision, and getting to know your video production partner.
  • Finding the perfect idea to match your goals, brand, and audience.
  • Planning meticulously and coordinating the production.
  • Project Management, including client meetings
  • Shoot preparation and planning
  • Location scouting
  • Talent casting
  • Research, scripting and storyboarding



  • Shooting or animating the video itself.
  • Crew time, including travel, set up and pack down times in addition to the shoot
  • Equipment hire 
  • Travel, subsistence, and accommodation expenses
  • Carnets and licences
  • Location or studio hire
  • Actors’ fees
  • Hair & Make-up
  • Costumes and Props



  • Putting the finishing touches that keep your brand looking sharp.
  • Making any changes, and getting your video ready to show the world.
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Subtitling
  • Licences for music and stock footage
  • Optimisation for social media

Our work

Let us help you realize your unique vision, just like we did for these exceptional clients.