We travel. We create. We learn. 

We love adventure 

Traveling has definitely enhanced our creativity

Currently we have traveled over 450,000 kilometers in 39 countries on five different continents. We pride ourselves in having established ourselves around the globe, especially in Cambodia and Indonesia, where to date we have completed several projects, including our own productions. Traveling has definitely enriched our lives and is a great inspiration in our work.

Our Services

Thanks to many years of experience in the film industry, we offer complete solutions, including video creation, visual effects, logos, corporate identity, and branding support.

and advertising videos

For all our projects, we use professional cameras like the Red Epic DRAGON, high-framerate Sony FS700 and LUMIXGH4. We have a crane driven camera with a telescopic arm to 6 meters. For dynamic images we use a 3-axis stabilization system and RONIN, and aerial perspectives are taken care of by DJI Inspire and Phantom Professional.

a special effects

Computer graphic display in the video is one of most effective ways to attract an audience. Visual effects add to the originality and professionalism of your image. We specialize in the creation of computer graphics: Video Design, 2-D and 3-D animation, motion design, and visual effects.

We provide audiovisual content postproduction work on our own and external projects for advertising agencies, music production, and film projects. Using our powerful technology and the latest software we are able to deliver the final product in picture quality up to 8K.

The external recording studio provides mastering and recording to music bands, performers, dubbing, voiceover, sound effects, and original music creation. Our goal is to offer musicians a space in which they can unleash their musical imagination and also feel at home.

 The brand must be heard about, talked about, it being necessary to improve relationships with potential customers and catering to their expectations; creating positive associations. Our specialists will focus on your brand, objectives, target audience, and then create a specific design focused on personalizing your product.

Proper corporate identity will bring about a unique consumer brand perception. We design logos, corporate identity, graphic manuals, and 3D visualization including packaging design. After several years of working closely with the Ladislava Sutnara Faculty of Design and Art, our designers have won several European competitions and are leaders in the field.

Price quotation 

We prepare you a quote

The amount of the budget depends on the scope of a particular shoot, extras at selected locations, performance techniques used and anothers parameters. But you need not worry about filling out endless questionnaires. Just contact us to request a quote and describe briefly your vision and goals.

We have done


We Do Creative Films was founded in 2007, as a team of professional directors, cameramen and producers. The main activity of the studio's production is commercials, viral advertising, corporate video, recaps of events, documents and aerial shots.

Our production implements projects worldwide, especially in Europe and Asia, where we have our own studio with a strong base of clients in the Asian market. Our studio offers a large space with shooting on a green screen background and the external recording studio providing mastering and recording of music bands, singers, dubbing, voiceovers, sound effects, and original music creation. Our team undertakes everything from preparation, locations, scenarios, producing, directing, postproduction, and editing.

Creative production

We implement all the elements that you will need for your video production. We do creative scenarios, provide actors, voiceovers, music and visual effects.